Saturday, January 29, 2011

~Stacey Leigh~

~Stacey Leigh aka Ti-ti~

I have known Stacey since the 3rd grade. We had a love-hate relationship then. Love from the sense of Stacey was the sweetest person on the planet and hate from the perspective of how stinky I was, a spoiled little brat that invited everyone from our cheer leading squad to my birthday party...except for cutie pa tootie Stacey. Horrible. Plain meanness. Only, by the grace of God, she forgave me early on in our relationship and we have continued on to be the best of friends...the best you could ever imagine.

Stacey knows me better than I know me, or at least better than I want to admit to myself! She can decipher me and knows my moods and all of my imperfections. She loves me for who I am and I love her more than she could ever imagine. Stace is one of the most four beautiful persons I know - both inside and out. She has a kindred spirit and we have lived through Stacey and her most awesome adventures. Sea World animal trainer and ranch hand to name a few. My grandmother passed away on her birthday and we have the call from my dad on video, something I will forever treasure, as a young girl having such a wonderful family to comfort me at such a horrible time.  She is vivacious, and so heartfelt.

Stacey is a gem, a wonderful wife and at some point she will be an extraordinary mother. She has not only achieved her dreams, but far exceeded them. She is a doll and by far a unique and loved sweetheart. She can take your breath away when you lay your eyes on her and her heart will do the same. She has uncanny determination, she is an AGGIE, and we will never let her live it down or be so proud of her. Way to go Stace! GIG EM'

Stace, you are one in a million and you have a special place in my heart.

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