Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Today we celebrated the life of Austin's grandfater, John Burdette, or as we call him, Paw.

He is celebrating with the Lord on this very day, and we are elated that he has been called home to enjoy the riches that have been prepared for him, those of which we can only imagine.

We are all blessed to have such a wonderful role model in our lives, Paw lived a life of integrity, of Christian values and was never quick to anger. He admired his family and encouraged all of us to do our best and live life to the fullest. He played an integral part of my husband's life, helping to mold the man I have grown to love so dearly, for that I am grateful.

John Elby Burdette
August 28th 1925 - January 14th 2011

One of my favorite photo's of Nanny & Paw
Married 64 years Feb 2011

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