Monday, December 22, 2008

Random Moments

Santa rode through the neighborhood riding on a FIRETRUCK, throwing candy canes to all the girls & boys! Banks likes Santa, but is not so sure about being close to him...If Cooper could have seen around her ginormous fuzzy hat, she would have been screaming, not so much for Santa.

Quite the little explorer

Banks looks like such a BIG BOY in these pictures to me - here he is showing me his 'mm'n-mm'n'

Daddy asked for a BIG smile for an M&M - He'll pretty much do ANYthing for them... the intent was to use them for potty training; as you can see, there are no potties around.

Green Family Christmas

We decided to ditch the usual gift exchange this Christmas and play Bunko instead - it had to be one of the best Green Christmas' yet! No one really knew how to play (with the exception of my mom, sister and grandmother) however, I think that only added to the excitment.

Cooper schooled Aunt Kimmy & Aunt Angel!

Kim, Kelsey, Kelley, Angie & Zack

A little rest after such an exciting game

Ashley, Mom, Kelsey, Kim, Eva, Angel, Chel

The Bucks are definitely off the photogenic mark...notice the jar of nuts - Banks held on to those babies all night long.

So, after the Green Christmas Bunko fun was over, I proceded to meet my most favorite girls for a little dinner and mambo taxi at MiCocina's! Yah! Any time we're with in 60 miles of each other it is mandatory we take a time out and get together, how easy it is to take distance for granted - seperation makes the heart grow fonder, that's for sure.
We posed for the camera, one of the waiters took lots of pictures for us. Too much fun, I can't wait for our next Fab Five Date! (this evening was fab four, our little Kat-a-rina will be on her way home from Italy soon...)

Thanksgiving 2008

We celebrated Thanksgiving this year at Mimi's house and later at Austin's Nanny's. It was great to visit with family and enjoy our good ol' fashion turkey dinner.

All the Grandkids with Mimi...minus Cooper, who was taking a nap.

I'm telling you, it's hard to get a good family photo these days!

The Whitmires

My beautiful nieces
I love this photo of Mimi & Cooper
Check out the kids; Banks is picking his nose while on the phone?!

Cooper turns One!

This is the best photo I took of Cooper with her giant pink cupcake!

Miss Ava Jane was sweet enough to let Miss Cooper use all her great Candy party decorations!

YUMM, this happened to be Coopers second birthday cake, so she knew exactly what to do!

Nina (Ava's grandma) made Cooper her very own Miss November onsie, complete with matching silver tu-tu, she looked so adorable.

Ava Jane & Cooper Reese playing with a few of the kitchen gadgets she received for her birthday.