Monday, December 22, 2008

Green Family Christmas

We decided to ditch the usual gift exchange this Christmas and play Bunko instead - it had to be one of the best Green Christmas' yet! No one really knew how to play (with the exception of my mom, sister and grandmother) however, I think that only added to the excitment.

Cooper schooled Aunt Kimmy & Aunt Angel!

Kim, Kelsey, Kelley, Angie & Zack

A little rest after such an exciting game

Ashley, Mom, Kelsey, Kim, Eva, Angel, Chel

The Bucks are definitely off the photogenic mark...notice the jar of nuts - Banks held on to those babies all night long.

So, after the Green Christmas Bunko fun was over, I proceded to meet my most favorite girls for a little dinner and mambo taxi at MiCocina's! Yah! Any time we're with in 60 miles of each other it is mandatory we take a time out and get together, how easy it is to take distance for granted - seperation makes the heart grow fonder, that's for sure.
We posed for the camera, one of the waiters took lots of pictures for us. Too much fun, I can't wait for our next Fab Five Date! (this evening was fab four, our little Kat-a-rina will be on her way home from Italy soon...)

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Ava and Lauren said...

I am laughing at these last photos thinking of how much fun we had that night...even though it was way too short!! I miss you guys SOOO much and can't wait to see you all again!