Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Pretty Sure we could bring it back...

We celebrated my sisters birthday 80's style - I'm telling you, i think we could totally bring it back! We were full out with cripmped hair and total neon. Fun times!! We weren't totally out of place, there were a few others at the 80's cover band we went to see that were decked out as well...just not many. :)
t the Glass Cactus.
Full body shot so you can see the leg warmers
We even roped in the mothers, and surprised Kimberly with an entorage for dinner & concert
I think Glenda pulled off a great Madonna!

Crayola Colors

I publically admit to being the worlds worst blogger, it's a new personal goal to blog at least once a week, feel free to help me stick to it. :)

Mi-mi recently bought the kids a 'BIG BOX' of colors, they LOVE to draw!

Coopers new Amazed face...I told you they loved colors...

Here's another, however her mouth has grown wider as time passes, i'll have to snap off a new photo so you can see the huge pie hole first hand.

Banks has become quite fond of the old bouncy chair, makes for a relaxing pad to watch Madagascar from!