Sunday, November 15, 2009

TCU 55, Utah 28

Austin is in Kansas, Pheasant Hunting, so he missed out on seeing a GREAT football game. Our #4 Horned Frogs beat Utah 55 to 28...
My family & Austin's mom came over to watch the game. We decorated cupcakes & make purple jello to cheer on the frogs to victory. Banks reminded us during the game that you have to hold on to the ball with BOTH hands so you won't drop it. Today at Target he saw a football player nutcraker and said, 'Mom, I LOVE football.' Who knows, maybe we have a future Frog on our hands? :)
I took some of these photo's with my camera phone so they are a little fuzzy...
The kids have the horned frog hands up

Baking with Mimi

Cooper helped Mimi bake chocolate cup-cakes for the TCU-Utah Game yesterday.
She is my little Paula Dean :)

LOOK at this face, I have no idea where the sunglasses came from!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

The Pumpkin Patch

Aside of all of the rain, we have had some
beautiful October weekends.
The Flower Mound Pumpkin Patch overflowed with
pumpkins, bounce houses & kiddo's!
Banks sliding down a 5' hay slide (my little dare devil)

These two are hard to snap photo's of together, this is about as close as we got

I think most of the pumpkins weighed more than Cooper!

Mom, Kelsey, Kimmy, the kids & I...and a Fletcher's Corndog!


We had a fun carving our jack-o-lanterns on a beautiful Halloween afternoon.
Banks' new 3-year old smile is a 'schrunchy-face'.

Our home team participated in Trunk or Treat at church, the dads took turns handing out candy while the mom's took the kids from trunk to trunk. Half way through, Banks and Cooper called it quits and decided to park themselves on the curb and start unwrapping. It was a crazy candy night!

Banks had to brush all the 'bugs' off...we didn't snap a photo of Coopie Bug.

Viva la Mexico!

For my big 3-0, Austin and I vacationed in Playa del Carmen, MX. It was exactly what we needed! Our agenda included lots of sleep, great food and most importantly white sand & a hot sun. Poor Banks came down with the swine flu when we were gone, but luckily we caught it early and he didn't get too sick. Our families took care of everything for us while we were out of scary to be so far away. Thank God for a great family, what would we do with out them?!


From inside the lobby - the Iberstar Playa Pariso; fabulous resorts, this was actually our 2nd vist. (Sorry Ral - we brought you and Jamie in spirit!)

The Ranch

Austin's parents have a great ranch just west of the Dallas area. The kids love to visit where they can ride the 4-wheeler, play in the dirt and hunt for various wildlife. Everyone always has a great time and the kids sleep like babies after playing so hard. What a blessing to have a quite place to retreat, away from all the hustle & bustle of the city.

Austin saved a bull-frog from the pool filter just prior to us leaving. I dont think Banks was so sure of having the frog in the car.

The new slogan at our house is, 'Sharing is Caring' (great advice from another mom) Cooper extends the principle to the dogs as well.

The kids had a feast on snacks, another reason they love the Ranch - cookies & sprite and they don't have to keep it in the kitchen!

This is VOLUNTARY folks...we took both of the bird dogs, but Cooper and Banks were occupied for a good hour taking turns crawling in and out of the kennels. Who needs real toys?

Ms Cooper loves to sit in Grandpa Ken's lap; his deep voice usually puts her right to sleep.

Banks actually fell asleep on the 4-wheeler later that day!