Tuesday, July 8, 2008


7 & 22 Months

I FINALLY took the kids to have their photo's take again, it only took me 5 months... things definitely change when you go from having 1 to 2 kids, that whole, 'i dropped the pacifier on the ground, MUST STERILIZE' completely flies out the window with #2. It's more like, 'just stick it back in her mouth, if her toddler brother hasn't already contaminated her, a little dirt surley wont' hurt.'

Tuesday, July 1, 2008


Yah!! We finally sold our house and bought a new one - we'll be the proud occupants of our new house on July 25!

RadioFlyer Wagon

Austin and I are thoroughly enjoying watching the kids interact. Cooper absolutely loves her brother, every time he comes near her she lights up with a smile so big she could illuminate the sky.

A day at the Racetrack

We spent Sunday afternoon at Lone Star Park with the entire family - fun was had by all. Banks especially liked seeing the horses! When he imitates a horse, he sounds like he's laughing.