Monday, February 21, 2011

~Goodbye Basketball, Hello T-Ball!~

Banks starts t-ball practice thisThursday and his first game is scheduled for Saturday, March 26th! Cooper is already practing her 'GO TIGERS!' cheer. We are playing in a very encouraging league, that basically exists to teach young kids fundamentals. I'm excited for him because this is the first sport he asked us to play. My sister gave him a glove for Christmas and he and Austin have been practing in the front yard for months. He can actually smack a pitch from Austin about 25 yards from the front of the porch to the middle of our street :) GO BANKS!

I'm sure we'll get some great photo's soon...until then, here's a few pictures from Banks last basketball fundamentals class at the YMCA. They were really short kids, so Miss Cooper was able to join in the fun!

[cooper update] Coop is scheduled for her year end dance recital in May at the Ed Landreth Hall at TCU! She is tu-tu excited, she's a little HAM BONE, I'm sure she'll be Front Row Joe. When I check in on her in class she is always standing next to the teacher FACING the other kids! Ha! We have our hands full, no doubt.*


~That Kinsler shirt may already be too small!~

~still stretching~

~Practicing dribbling skills~

~Chest Pass~
~And...a little Simon Says~

~Gold Metal Winners!~

Saturday, February 19, 2011

~A Belated Happy Valentine's Day!~

Banks and Cooper anxiously awaited their Valentine's Day parties all weekend! We made a special trip to Target, or as we pronounce it, "Tar-jey" with a French accent, to pick out cookies, crackers, candy and cards. Austin and I were guest of the kids and had the privilege to share the sweet treats with the entire class!

I hope everyone had a happy heart day. <3