Sunday, March 13, 2011

::friendship park::

We made the best out of a previous, sunny, but VERY windy day by taking a trip with our great friends to Friendship Park in Flower Mound (for the record, i LOVE flower mound and if you live close and want to visit an awesome park - look up Friendship!).

Parks are great, endless entertainment & typically our kids play so hard that it's always an early night for bed...awesome since naps are usuallyMIA at the Buck house
on weekends due to our busy schedules.

We're excited Spring is on it's way, being outside is so refreshing (minus the allergens) Banks already wants to fast forward to summer, he asked me yesterday, "How much longer until summer?" I think he's anxious to swim. ;) I hope  you & yours were able to get out and enjoy some of the sunshine as well.

::Sweet Pumpkin Kids::
::GO CooperReese::
:: Banks LOVES to run!::

::practicing back hand springs::

::cloud gazing::
::best friends::
::WHOA daddy...the kids LOVED Austin to act like he was going to throw them in the pond::
::slide surfing::

::slide races::

::HA! This sums up our CRaAY Family!::

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

~Great BIG Helpers!~

The Bucks like projects. Yes, we are 'do it ourselfers.' Home Depot & Lowe's Target Customers. I'll admit we've hired help a time or two, but only to do the unthinkable jobs that we would probably end up making a total mess of. My husband likes to construct things with his own hands and sit back and marvel at his masterpiece when he's done. ;) I'd have to agree, you do feel a great sense of accomplishment, but if the decision was left to me, I usually prefer to leave it to the paid pro's.

Our spring project is landscaping the West & North sides of our home, the first step in the process was to shovel out what seemed like a MILLION rocks from the beautiful rock garden the previous owner planted. 8 wheel barrow's later and one big ol' blister on my thumb, we cleared the rocks and prepped the West wall for some beautiful knock out roses! I'll wait to post before & after pictures once we get it all done, but for now I'll leave you with photo's of our tinest, non-paid, helpers.

Monday, March 7, 2011

~Fun Girls Day~

Miss Coopie & I had a fabulous Saturday afternoon at her friend, Suri's, birthday party! The best part for Coop was that Suri shared her gift with her...a brand new PINK Barbie Car! The girls took turns driving it and who ever was in the passenger seat got to hold the baby puppy - what else could a 3 year old ask for?
Life is good.

~Cooper & Mommy getting ready to leave~

~There was a Hello Kitty Pinata & Cooper had her first experience with Pixie Sticks~
~Riding in the Barbie Car!~
~Too much fun!~
~LOVE her license plate ;) ~

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

~Fall School Photo's~

~Loving Siblings~

~Wow, he is so handsome!~

~This face is PRICELESS!~
I'm still playing catch up on my blogging...I wasn't so great in February...I vow to be better in March!

Here are the kids Fall school photo's taken in November of 2010 - I love that the school coordinates a photographer to come and set up every Fall & Spring. The photos' remind me of Olan Mills, but they are sooo cute and I think they make fun memories. Last Spring I forgot it was picture day so the kids have on some seriously ratty play clothes, but their faces were priceless and I still had to buy them!!

Both of the kids are growing up so fast, they are quickly beginning to look like little kids, not toddlers anymore. :( They are growing tall and loosing their baby fat. They sure are sweet though, I love them SO much.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

~C3 Conference 2011~

"Now to Him who is able to do exceedingly abundant above all that we ask or imagine"
-Ephesians 3:20

C3 conference 2011 was above and beyond anything I could have ever imagined! It was the first time I volunteered and attended the day sessions. Not only where there some of the best speakers I'd ever heard, but it was evident that the Lord was ever present in the house! I made a couple of new awesome friends and had a few old ones attend the C3 night sessions with me. Banks and Cooper spent hours at church Wed, Thur & Friday night and my heart melted Thursday morning when Banks asked if he could go back to church instead of school?! That is what it's all about :) My heart overflows seeing my children develop such a love for the Lord & the church. Banks also told me his bible teacher was his 'best friend.' Her name is Chelsea & she's a local high school student ... oh dear! He is such a charmer.

Joyce Meyer, Judah Smith, Brian Houston, Bishop TD Jakes, Shannon O'Dell...just a few that moved me. Can't wait for what is in store for C3 2012!