Tuesday, March 8, 2011

~Great BIG Helpers!~

The Bucks like projects. Yes, we are 'do it ourselfers.' Home Depot & Lowe's Target Customers. I'll admit we've hired help a time or two, but only to do the unthinkable jobs that we would probably end up making a total mess of. My husband likes to construct things with his own hands and sit back and marvel at his masterpiece when he's done. ;) I'd have to agree, you do feel a great sense of accomplishment, but if the decision was left to me, I usually prefer to leave it to the paid pro's.

Our spring project is landscaping the West & North sides of our home, the first step in the process was to shovel out what seemed like a MILLION rocks from the beautiful rock garden the previous owner planted. 8 wheel barrow's later and one big ol' blister on my thumb, we cleared the rocks and prepped the West wall for some beautiful knock out roses! I'll wait to post before & after pictures once we get it all done, but for now I'll leave you with photo's of our tinest, non-paid, helpers.


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