Wednesday, March 2, 2011

~Fall School Photo's~

~Loving Siblings~

~Wow, he is so handsome!~

~This face is PRICELESS!~
I'm still playing catch up on my blogging...I wasn't so great in February...I vow to be better in March!

Here are the kids Fall school photo's taken in November of 2010 - I love that the school coordinates a photographer to come and set up every Fall & Spring. The photos' remind me of Olan Mills, but they are sooo cute and I think they make fun memories. Last Spring I forgot it was picture day so the kids have on some seriously ratty play clothes, but their faces were priceless and I still had to buy them!!

Both of the kids are growing up so fast, they are quickly beginning to look like little kids, not toddlers anymore. :( They are growing tall and loosing their baby fat. They sure are sweet though, I love them SO much.

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xoomajourney said...

"Blog surfing" and loved your header. I love well taken photos and that one is absolutely beautiful! ~Jackie