Sunday, November 8, 2009

The Ranch

Austin's parents have a great ranch just west of the Dallas area. The kids love to visit where they can ride the 4-wheeler, play in the dirt and hunt for various wildlife. Everyone always has a great time and the kids sleep like babies after playing so hard. What a blessing to have a quite place to retreat, away from all the hustle & bustle of the city.

Austin saved a bull-frog from the pool filter just prior to us leaving. I dont think Banks was so sure of having the frog in the car.

The new slogan at our house is, 'Sharing is Caring' (great advice from another mom) Cooper extends the principle to the dogs as well.

The kids had a feast on snacks, another reason they love the Ranch - cookies & sprite and they don't have to keep it in the kitchen!

This is VOLUNTARY folks...we took both of the bird dogs, but Cooper and Banks were occupied for a good hour taking turns crawling in and out of the kennels. Who needs real toys?

Ms Cooper loves to sit in Grandpa Ken's lap; his deep voice usually puts her right to sleep.

Banks actually fell asleep on the 4-wheeler later that day!

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Susan said...

So cute! We also us "Sharing is Caring" It has made a huge difference!