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Friday, July 31, 2009


What a great summer, we hope you and yours are relaxing, soaking up the rays, yet keeping cool!
We started out with a big bang by taking Banks to Disney World & met up with the Harris family.

We also fell victum to the 'Flower Mound' tornado which resulted in lots of down trees (i think we have over 65 on our lot) and a big huge hole in our pool house ceiling that resulted in a collapsed ceiling & a big fat mess.

Austin and I somehow made time to train and participate in a sprint triathalon 25Jul09!

We have lots of pictures to share with you of all of our summer family fun... ENJOY. :)

The Cooper Clinic Summer Sprint Triathalon

350m swim; 12mi bike; 5k run

Austin - Total Time 1 hr 24 min 26 sec

Michelle - Total Time 1 hr 36 min 43 sec

SWIM: Austin 7 min, 25 sec; Michelle 7 min, 53 sec

BIKE: Austin 42 min; 58 sec; Michelle 51 min, 29sec

RUN: Austin 30 min 26sec; Michelle 33 min, 07sec

Here we are with our good friends, Marc & Carrie

Here's me running a few yards from the finish line; \i was ready to be done and thank God for finishing!!
Champions! :)

Cooper is actually riding in Austin's cozy coupe from when he was a little boy, that is, until Banks decided to take the driver's seat!

Crocidle tears, this is a very sad sister.

Cooper and Gee - any resemblence??!!

Banks LOVES his Paw-paw! He always has something fun to play with Banks.

FOUR generations, Nanny, Gee, Me & Cooper

Four generations, Pa, Rex, Austin & Banks

Ms.Cooper Reesy - She totally melts her daddy's heart with her sweet voice.

Ready to watch Polar Express in 3D!

Banks is a ladies man - and most definitely loves Ava Jane!

Dinner one nigt at Diney with Mi-mi

I love my Ral!

We had the most INCREDIBLE balloon man at dinner - check out the Buzz Lightyear he made Banks, and notice the 'SHhhhhhh' lips.

The Grand Hyatt did not allow us to swim in their lake because of GATORS!

I love this scrunchy nose!

My two favorite boys :)

Banks put on a show at Lego land - he fought daddy & other villans in the store!

Notice the Lego swamp monster...

A Lego RALPH! :)

Of course he had to ride the Choo-choo

Buzz Lightyear to the RESCUE - Banks has an obsession with Woody & Buzz, so he was quite thrilled with the Toy Story rides & GINORMOUS figures.

Leaving Magic Kingdom after a loooong day...

Banks dancing with Woody - he talked about this for weeks afterwards.

In front of the castle at Magic Kingdom

Banks & I in our Mickey Ears - he did not so much care for the elastic strap.

CLASSIC - mickey to the max

There were not many rules at Magic Kingdom, Banks had 2 suckers & an ice cream cone, so he was good to go with out a nap ;)

Pirates of the Carribean - not scared at all and wanted to pose as a pirate with sord

Of course we had to buy the Buzz Lightyear gun at the end of the ride...ALL rides dump you into gift shops. Crafty.

Aunt Ral had a scooter since she is with TWINS; Banks loved riding along and honking the HORN at pedestrians in the way!

On our way into the 3D show with Mi-mi (notice sucker #2)

Meeting Mickey & Minnie - I think Banks didn't know what to do!

Frozen in amazement.

After our train ride

My handsome man!!

Is that a BIRD on my head? Love Banks 'Cheese!'

Banks & Hunter at dinner - they made mask out of tortillas!!

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Precious Moments said...

Congrats on finishing the race!!! I cant wait to do that, someday :) You look hot in your swimmin suit!!!

It was SO good to see you at Laurens shower too...loved it!