Monday, December 22, 2008

Random Moments

Santa rode through the neighborhood riding on a FIRETRUCK, throwing candy canes to all the girls & boys! Banks likes Santa, but is not so sure about being close to him...If Cooper could have seen around her ginormous fuzzy hat, she would have been screaming, not so much for Santa.

Quite the little explorer

Banks looks like such a BIG BOY in these pictures to me - here he is showing me his 'mm'n-mm'n'

Daddy asked for a BIG smile for an M&M - He'll pretty much do ANYthing for them... the intent was to use them for potty training; as you can see, there are no potties around.

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Ava and Lauren said...

Look at those cuties!! I miss them so much...I just want to come up there and steal them away!!