Sunday, January 9, 2011


The first things the kids asked when it started snowing..."Is Santa coming tonight?"

Austin explained that he's only experienced two white Christmas' in his lifetime and one was last year. Banks & Cooper are spoiled and think that SNOW = CHRISTMAS! :)

So Santa is definitely NOT coming tonight...but we had so much fun throwing snow balls at each other. Banks hit me in the face from about 12 inches away!! He has quite a little arm, I'll tell you that much.

We built a snowman, complete with TCU hat and the kids made snow angels & slid down a small hill on a trashcan lid! Fun times - they are sacked out as I type. No naps today and playing in the snow made for two very tired babies.

Happy Snow Day! :)

~Banks would have stayed outside ALL day if we let him!~

~Throwing SNOW at the camera woman!~

~Dad figured it out...~

~Banks is chasing the ever growing snowball~

~They caught it!~

~Going in for a closer look, is she...~

~...too tempting to not try a mouth full~

~Silly chick-a-dee~

~Banks is pushing with all his might, that snowball was HEAVY!~

~King of the GIANT Snow Ball~

~Queen of the GIANT snowball!~

~Posing with our Snowman~

~Tiny Snow Angel~


~OOh - hang on Banks!~

~Way to roll...I see Coop & Dad think your spill is amusing~

~Cooper's turn, Banks is making sure she doesn't fall :) Sweet brother!~

~Tiny Snow Angel~

~Pansies are teh BEST flowers EVER! I planted these puppies before Thanksgiving & they are STILL going STRONG!!~

~Look at the lashes on that handsome boy~

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Nicole said...

I am loving that you are updating your blog! It's such a delight to read about your family. It is so special to see your children's faces...they see the magic in everything! Love you!