Wednesday, January 5, 2011

{Dora Birthday}

~Back to the month of November to Miss Cooper Reese's THIRD birthday~
It seems like we just brought her home from the hospital YESTERDAY! It is so true when people tell you to savor every moment with a newborn baby. You blink your eyes and the next thing you know you're planning their 3rd birthday...{smile}

The day we brought our sweet baby girl home from the hospital, Novermber 28th 2007.

~ Heading into the Treehouse for her big Dora Party~

~Dora CupCake Balls~
I have a great friend at church that has started an awesome side business {Heavenly-Aspirations}
 They were so ideal for her party - no knife, no sticky icing, and VERY little mess!
There will definitely be more cake balls in our future ;)

~one BIG bow~
Yes, the bow is BIG! THREE of them stacked high...for her 3rd birthday, of course!

Is is time to eat the cake balls yet?

Cooper & one of her best friends from school, Suri

Opening birthday gifts, Suri, Cooper, Taylor & Samuel
The girls are the three blondie amigos at school, they are TU TU CUTE!

Posing for pictures with mini-Dora & Suri

~the BUCK fam~
Including a not so happy Banks!!

 ~Heading back to the ranch~
CooperReese had to stop and pose ONE more time, she's got the camera thing down.

~Fun Dip~
It's hard to believe that stuff is still around, it was a favorite when we were kids...He's finally happy because daddy let him rip open the package, only he didn't use the candy stick to 'dip'

~Face Painting~
My beautiful nieces, Megan & Kelsey painted the kiddo's faces at the party!

~To MANY more fun birthday parties~


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Precious Moments said...

I may have to steal this idea for Brylee's party next year. I am pretty sure she loves Dora more than she loves me...haha...jk. Cute cute pictures girl! Hope yall had a great Christmas and the year is off to a good start. Love yall!