Thursday, January 27, 2011

~Katrina Marie~

Katrina Marie aka 'Kat' (kids call her Cat in the Hat too,
it's confusing having aunties with rhyming names, dang Dr Seuss :))

I've known Katrina since our freshman year in high school, we played volleyball together & it wasn't until our Jr & Sr years when we were on the same cheer squad that I really got to know her better. And actually, it wasn't until after we had kids that something went 'CLICK' and we have found that we are more alike than we could ever have imagined. Both type 'A', love things in order, okay, we're total MONICA's from friends. ha-ha.

Kat is a gem, she has a smile you can never forget, she loves life and ALWAYS ALWAYS has the best mom advice for me. When I need to call someone at 10 p.m. I usually call Kat and if I need encouragement, she is pretty awesome at that. We're shop til you drop buddies, when we get kicked out of the mall, we always go to plan B - 1st option Target and if we absolutely have to, then it's onto Wally World. We're the ones that drag the other girls along for the super fun ride. And impulsive - that's us.

My most memorable Kat story is her car in high school and my nick name for her. Kat is an inspiration - she is such a strong example of marriage and family and is willing to work through anything for her family. I love her heart and her strong head.

Kat, my sweet pea, you are precious and have a special place in my heart.

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Nicole said...

I love that Katrina is a facebook-a-holic like I am. And goodness, when it comes around to me even THINKING about having kiddos, she will on my speed-dial. I have a feeling you all will :)