Sunday, January 23, 2011

Family & Random

I've been less than great about taking photo's lately, so I don't have any super recent ones to post. I do need to take a photo tonight & blog about Cooper & her obsession with my t-shirts!! I've negotiated with her that bed time is when she can wear them...although it doesn't stop her from asking every morning if she can wear them to school. Too cute - she also loves wears my heels when ever she comes home, I can always tell where she is by the click-clack of her step on the wood floors. ;)

I feel convicted today to blog about my family - between my family and my in-laws I feel blessed to have a network of some of the most fabulous individuals in the world. Everyone lives in the metroplex allowing us the gift of being able to share in each others daily lives. My kids have grandparents and great-grandparents close enough to make it to birthday parties & holiday events and I'm looking forward to sharing 1st baseball games (this spring!) and dance recitals (May 21st 2011!). I don't want to take those opportunities for granted and ensure I express how grateful I truly feel.


~Mom, Angel, Keith, Megan, Kimberly, Coop, Aus & Me~

~Glenda, Rex & Our Fam~

~My Daddy~
~My cousins, Angie, Kelley, Granddad, Me & Amber~
~Niece Kelsey, Sister Kimberly, Niece Megan~

~BIL Jason,Nephew Aaron, Sister Yvette, Banks, Nephew Seth,
Coop, Me & Aus (Missing Newphew Joshua!)~

~With my Mom & Dad @ FC Halloween 2009~

~Cousin Ash, Mom, Kels, Kimberly, Granny Eva, Angel & Me~

~The Roper Family,Cousin Brandy,Cousin Brittany,
Auntie Kathy & Uncle Robert~

~Our Nanny ... the kids LOVE her to the moon & back!~

~Sweet niece Kelsey~

~Cousins Leslie, Me, BethAnn & Lauren~

~Coleman, TX family~

~Uncle Alan~

~Me, Granny Eva, Mom, Kim & Cousin Gina from CHICAGO!~
And there you have it, some of the greatest family a girl could ask for. There are many more members in the area, however looking through my photo files, I realize there are some I am missing & thus a new goal has been set for myself...TAKE PHOTO's OF EACH Family MEMBER in 2011 when the opportunity presents itself!  The next two photo's I stumbled upon & find myself wondering if we should grow our family to more than 4...they are SOOO cute!! :)
~Uggh, i want to EAT him up!~

~SWEET, SWEET girl!~

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