Friday, January 7, 2011

~kANsaS PHEasaNT HuntINg~

Every year Austin & his best friend Kenny take an annual trip to Kansas to hunt Pheasant & Quail. Let me correct myself, Austin, Kenny and their four legged friends, Briley Pearl, Sam Bony, Pearl & Dixie (I'll have to ask Kenny if he gave his bird dogs middle names too!)

Austin usually brings us home some pretty good loot & we store it in the freezer and eat it grilled wrapped in bacon (anything wrapped in bacon is good in my book), baked, and slow cooked in the crock pot! Oh ... and my personal fave - pheasant enchilada's, recipe courtesy of Grady Spears, the renowned Reata Chef.

This year Austin actually kept two birds, feathers still in tact, for the kids to see. They were a HOOT! Cooper wanted to hold the quail by the feet and kept calling them turkeys & Banks was holding the big ol' pheasant like a baby.

Aus then proceeded to the garage where he gave the kids a lesson in cleaning birds. Banks kept talking about the blood and Cooper wanted to STILL HOLD THE FEET that Austin cut off! Aaah. She is SUCH my girly girl and also my little tom boy, i LOVE it, just like her mom!

I may have mentioned in an earlier post, our family is the 'hunter/gather' type. I grew up shooting guns & participating in archery tournaments, fishing & camping. It's a great gift my father gave me and Austin & I just so happen to enjoy sharing in our outdoor excursions. We're looking forward to sharing our love with the kids, and especially can't wait until we can share the love of upland bird hunting with them. That, folks, is what I remember Austin and I doing and loving the most before we HAD kids :) Watching our dogs is amazing!!

And finally the photo's you've been waiting for!

~Austin & Kenny with our Wirehaired Pointers~

~Sam, our youngest, crazy bird dog~

~Briley, Pearl, Dixie & Sam~

~A big Kansas Mule Deer, about to jump the fence~

~Love at first sight~

~Way to go Dad!~

~Too funny, Cooper's face cracks me up, it's a smile/what in the world? face~


~Austin teaching his little man how to shoot his Buck BB gun~

~Getting the hang of it~

~Got it!~

Have a great Friday Night & GOOD LUCK AGGIES! :)

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