Tuesday, January 25, 2011

~Fab Five~

  ~The Fab Five~
~Lauren, Michelle, Heather, Stacey & Katrina~

It's a name we gave ourselves years ago -
the perfect description of the friendship between five fabulous individuals.

We've known each other since either elementary, middle or high school. We have shared many experiences together - birthday parties(and the lack thereof), boys, new driving adventures, family events, death, marriage, births; there have been fights, make-ups,
tears, lots of laughter and an immense amount of love.

I consider these 4 girls my sisters. They are always there for me, to share my greatest accomplishments as well as to walk me through my darkest moments. We have similar family backgrounds, and on another level we all just 'connect.'

I am so grateful to have such wonderful women to bounce ideas off of, consult when I have NO idea how to handle my kids, have someone to give me encouragement
when I'm blue and keep me in tune with my true self.

I'm going to spend the next few days blogging about each one of them,
each Fab friend gets her own day - a day I am going to use to
tell her how much I love and think the world of....

~March 2010 : The girls at Stubbs BBQ in Austin, TX~

~March 2010 : Celebrating before Stacey's wedding in Italy!
and yes it's evident we busted out the crimper before our big night!~

~April 2010 : Wedding Shower - Kat's MIA,
I think she may have been living in Sicily at the time :) ~

~December 2008 : Christmas get together at Mi Cocina; Kat was definitely Sicily
We used to tell her we would photoshop her in, there ~


Precious Moments said...

Fun fun times with good friends!!! You guys are adorable. Love you girl!

Two Buckaroos said...

Tanna you are so sweet. You look amazing and the girls are absolutely EDIBLE. :) love you!