Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Fall School Photo's

Banks & Cooper's 2009 Fall School Photos'
I must admit, for a traveling photo shop, they do a pretty darn good job and I don't have to battle the weekend warriors at Portrait Innovations. I always make sure to purchase each class photo and one of each of the kids (even if they are less than spectacular).
Banks likes to point out his friends in the class photo and make sure I know everything about all of the kids. He is so conversational these days. He always says the cutest things that light up my day and make me want to squeeze him and smother him with kisses! Ms Cooper is also a chatty Cathy and will blame her brother for anything she is caught doing 'in the act.' She is so innocent and LOVES her daddy. She is truly a 'daddy's girl' and Banks a 'mommy's boy'
Cooper looks SO grown up, no more baby face!
I don't know WHY my cheesy smiley, grinny, man is so stoned face??
Have you seen his 3 year old smile? He is totally a cheese head.

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Crystal said...

So cute Michelle! I wonder if Cooper could look any more like you?