Thursday, May 22, 2008

Jail Bird Banks is BACK in Jail

Okay, so we thought Banks was ready for a 'big boy' bed, but his Get out of Jail Free card has been revoked! A week ago Sunday we removed the front rail from his crib and he thought it was the greatest thing since PB&J - he climbed in his bed all on his own and slept peacefully ALL NIGHT LONG, even at nap time. "Wow, this is easy," I thought to myself, "what a short transition period." My how things change quickly, in five days, in fact. Thursday night he decided to have a party with Woody & Co. in the middle of the night. Austin found him asleep in the middle of the floor on Friday morning, poor baby had carpet indention's on the side of his head. Saturday wasn't much better, i had to put him back in his bed and when i tried to lay him down his music box went off and his eyes popped open to the sweet sound of Hickory Dickory Dock. Needless to say, after another up and down night I requested Austin get his tools out and re-assemble the crib. Mamma isn't getting any sleep and if mamma ain't happy, know how the story goes.

To my surprise Banks has not protested. Obviously we gave him too much freedom too early. ;)

Prior to going back to Jail

Cooper thought Banks bed was cool too!

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